Sunday, September 21, 2008

When do you collect stories : Back to School 4

Computer systems, the name still elicits excitement. An analyst at York tells this story in January 1987 "Yorklore". He was flying about 25 thousand feet over the Great Lakes on his way back from a business trip. His fellow passenger was reading a copy of the National Enquirer and as much as he scoffed at this [source] he started reading it over his seat mate's shoulder.

This is what caught his eye, “York University, Youngest undergraduate”. He found himself reading on. After all only this news print would make up a story about an 11 year old undergraduate. It wasn’t until he returned to his job at York that he discovered the horrible truth. There was a new student enrolled, Jason Levy was his name, making the Enquirer correct.

The moral of this story, never judge an article while on board an aircraft flying 25 thousand feet!

The computer analyst loves this story and the telling of it.

All you need is an interested party.

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