Sunday, September 14, 2008

When to collect stories : School Days 3

"YORKLORE", the name sounds elusive and yet those tellers who contributed some of their memories shared these stories with a special feeling for York University. It was collected over 19 years ago and these stories still bring me
closer to that special place and time.

Storytellers come every shape and size, they are young, less young and some are quite mature. All have one thing in common, they have a story to tell that makes them feel alive. Such a person deserves to be heard, let's call him Bob,

Professor Bob tells of the unexpected confrontation with two teaching assistants.

Working as a team they requested time off giving very little notice to the Department. Somewhat dismayed with the lack of professionalism
on the part of these TAs, Bob felt he had no choice but to give them the time requested. This was after all a humanistic environment and although they had not given any reason for the urgency, the time was granted. It was several days later then Professor Bob received a telephone call informing him that his team had just had a baby.

Asked if he had not noticed anything, Bob smiled and walked away still amused by the incident with York's humanistic center intact.

Listen, record and remember. The telling comes naturally. Each time a story is shared it receives its just moment in time, validating and enriching our present.

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