Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall brings on many changes : Stories abound

The leaves are changing colours all around us. The Appalachins stand majestic amidst this time honoured change. And what of stories amid this throng. Is it the orange and yellow in the leaves, the copper shades in the forests. One story shouts out all the others this year.

Elections are a time of change, change in conciousness, change in attitude, change in expectation. Election is a time when these stories are shared. You are hearing some of the most often told stories in families and groups of all kinds. Who should lead, who should follow, who has the strength to carry out the task on the hard road ahead. Change demands of us all a commitment to something, someone, at sometime. You are the change that needs to happen.

The best stories are those shared for the best reasons. Love, understanding, generosity, inclusivness, inclusion and these never leave anyone behind.

Vote, vote for who you think tells the strongest story, but vote!!! Be the teller!

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