Sunday, September 7, 2008

When to collect stories : School Days 2

"YorkLore" includes 26 stories from staff, faculty and students at York University. The stories were all shared in the fall and winter of 1986; the tellers were recounting a moment in time that impacted on them in some way.

This next story reminds those of us who have stood in the registration line up in September waiting to get your classes selected.

Atkinson College 1977: Registration
This was the setting for an onslaught
of profane language directed towards the staff.
A student speaking in an aggressive tone
used foul four letter words bellowed out clear and loud.
The Administrative Assistant took it upon herself
to call out the Registrar for aid in the disturbance.
Now our Registrar was known to possess a thorough
knowledge of slurs, insults and
four letter words held no mystery for her.
With steely confidence she approached the counter
and addressed the perpetrator,

"Young man, I don't use that kind of language.
The ladies in this office are members of my staff
and they will not be subjected to this ugly discourse.
You will now leave !"

Our highly indignant intruder was no match for this
valiant College Registrar and left.

The staff in Registration still today appreciate
the irony of the story as well as the support
rendered them by their Registrar.

It is often said that "No good deed goes unpunished". But respect in the workplace is forever, pass it on,

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