Monday, April 5, 2010

Hometown stories

This is the first in a series that looks at where I live. Being a member of a community means that
you are part of the story that is that community.

One of my favourite places in Campbellton, NB is a very well kept secret, a reader's joy, a collector's dream, Used Books Etc, 88 Roseberry St, owned and operated by Micheline.
You can talk books and benefit from decades of experience in the business.

Here you can find collectors' graphic novels, rare, even out of print titles. Right now you can buy a copy of Beethoven's Bicentennial Edition collection including a beautifully illustrated book with the 4 box set vinyl (5 lps in each box) in mint to near mint condition for $60.00

Another treasure is the 50th Anniversary book of THE HOBBIT, by Tolkien with coloured plates.

You can find thousands of books to browse through, from the classics: Dumas,Fielding, Shakespeare etc... to the bestsellers, Stephen King, Tom Clancy, James Patterson etc... And just in case you still haven't found something you might like there are cd's, dvd's, games (Playstation, XBox) and tons of vhs at very low prices.

Be the teller,

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