Monday, April 19, 2010

Discovery within

Never underestimate what can be done. Whether we plan every minute of our day, whether we have lists upon lists to guide us through our daily lives there is always the unexpected.

Today it was seeing the daffodils planted by my partner. He had selected these last year and we had been watching for them the past several weeks.

But today they stood up and reminded me how important it was to say how much I enjoyed these flowers.

Over the last few years I have forged a renewed interest in the Tudor Period. The people, their lives, the social, cultural and economic forces that came together at this time fascinate me. May 1st is our 30th anniversary and those unspoken words can have great meaning. My partner found a book to complement my reading on the topic and add to my collection.

Let people know what you like, it's surprising what can happen,

Be the teller,

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