Monday, May 24, 2010

Yesterday's titles are today's treasures

"It's spring sir"
said Klinger to Colonel Blake. Not a reference most born after 1960 would have heard in the original but thanks to reruns many of us may be familiar with MASH.
So what does this have to do with our topic, much.

Cleaning out the basement we found books and other resources that have been collecting dust for many years. To us these titles have served us well. We either read them once, used them in our research or just scanned them for their content. Either way they are no longer required. What to do? We turned to community.

Look around, check out your local version of Friends of the Library, orsee if the local second hand book store can add these to their inventory. In this way the books gain value, create a resource as well as revenue for the local economy. Used Books Etc in Campbellton offers just this service. Everyone wins. The Public Library adds titles to its booksale, and the local usedbooks store make available titles all year round.

Think globally act locally,

Be the teller,

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