Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rendez-vous de la francophonie: Stories galore

Whether we speak English, French, or both, in Canada, we are aware of the connection we have with each other. Language joins us, explains our similarities and differences and draws on a shared history. Today language is more that cultural identity, it is our link with time itself.

Tied to all aspects of life language is a force to unite, reach out and create opportunities. Social, economic and cultural tapestries are woven around this unifying source.

Families share stories describing the influences in their daily lives. They create memories all the while living within their images of self and community.

The National Film Board celebrates its 4th Rendez-vous
. Between March 6th and 22nd enjoy the animated shorts and films presenting the diversity and uniqueness of the Canadian tapestry.

Be the teller,

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