Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day : A time for the telling

Valentine's Day continues to intrigue, delight and tease us into believing that there is a day special enough to tell of your love, or to say what you feel to your love or even to sing the praises of your love. St. Valentine, is said to have been a priest in Ancient Roman. Picture it; Rome about 270 A.D. and you are not a supporter of the current Emperor Claudius. A christian, Valentine would be martyred for refusing to give up his faith. Centuries later Henry VIII declared February 14th as Valentine's Day. After all who would know more about courtly love.

These and others stories will lead you to asking 'Who was your first Valentine?' 'How did you share your special day?' 'Where were you when you received your first Valentine?'. 'So wants with Cupids arrow?'

Sure some of these questions may be invasive or they could just be fun. Our memories need cajoling at times and February 14th might just be the right day to get some insights into your surroundings by asking those you love. Will you be my Valentine?

Be the teller,

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