Sunday, January 4, 2009

Freedom to Read : Storytelling time

Stories define themselves. They can bring you onto a landscape, introduce one to the ideas of another being. Stories are told by those who believe, believe in nature, in humanity, the universe and use this belief to tell us of their experiences.

"Freedom to Read" Week will be celebrated February 22-28th and before it comes and goes take a moment to read about it. If rights are to be respected then it must be understood that we respect what others want to share. Not that what all writers say is true and not every word is the truth. But if we can open our hearts and minds to the OTHER we might perceive that which is yet not part of our imagining.

Talk with those you trust,
share your stories about stories
and celebrate
"Freedom to Read" in your own way,

Visit Freedom to Read

Be the teller,

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